Why are Fortune’s most admired companies becoming Total Customer Focused?

Congratulations to this year’s Fortune magazine list of the World’s Most Admired Companies! These companies have earned the admiration of the 3,900 executives, analysts, directors and experts in Fortune’s poll.

We are especially delighted to see a number of Global Partners’ clients on the list, including Lam Research (number 6 in the Semiconductors segment), Nokia (number 5 in the Network and Communications segment) and Boston Scientific (number 3 in the Medical Products segment).

While we can’t claim that making the list was due to implementing our Total Customer Focus program, I think there is a connection. I believe that companies like Nokia, Lam and Boston Scientific are moving their organizations to become more Total Customer Focused because they want to maintain their industry leadership and be recognized in publications like the World’s Most Admired.

Why are these companies moving to become Total Customer Focused?

First, it leads to becoming a trusted partner to customers. In these times where even the most advanced technology can become quickly commoditized, industry leaders like Lam Research recognize that the key to sustainable differentiation lies in partnering with customers to address their key business challenges, rather than simply delivering quality products and services.

Second, it creates a culture where employees feel valued and motivated to perform at their highest levels. One of Fortune’s selection criteria is Talent Attraction. Creating a work environment that is both challenging and provides a work life balance is clearly the best way to attract and retain the best people.

Lastly, becoming Total Customer Focused pays off in better business performance. In addition to revenue size, companies made the Fortune list based on such performance criteria as investment value, quality of management and social responsibility.  In our experience, Lam, Nokia, Boston Scientific and others, clearly recognize the link between customer focus and business results.

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