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    Total Customer Focus Public Program
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    June 26-27, 2018


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    Who Should Attend

    Total Customer Focus is for managers and non-managers working in Front-Line organizations in Technical Support, Customer Service, Sales, and Account Management who wish to acquire new skills and behaviors that enable them to change their relationships with customers and lead change in their own organizations.


    As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

    • Go beyond addressing customers’ technical problems and help customers to achieve their targeted business outcome
    • Achieve win-win outcomes that meet customer requests while protecting your own company’s interests
    • Be proactive and take the lead in the relationships, shift from only satisfying your customer to building a Trusted Business Partner relationship

    The program includes engaging and valuable preparation webinars and follow-up web coaching to embed new skills and behaviors.




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    Why Total Customer Focus

    The business world is changing rapidly, especially for technology companies. This table captures just a few of the shifts confronting customers and suppliers today.

    Total Customer Focus is a program that provides participants with the skills and capabilities to change their relationships with customers and address the opportunities presented by the new world.




    Old World

    • Technical Service responded to customer requests quickly and completely.
    • Sales people determined how their offers addressed their customer needs - then convinced the customer.
    • Customers figured out on their own how to use technology to address their business issues.
    • Customers bought products and services.


    New World

    • Customers want Technical Service people to anticipate problems and propose solutions without being asked.
    • Customers  decide precisely what their needs are, how they want them addressed and who they want to work with – all before involving suppliers.
    • Customers want help and support on how to apply new technology to achieve their business outcomes.
    • Customers want to buy results.

    Client Success

    "Total Customer Focus (TCF) has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skillsets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner Relationships. Changing with the times requires answers. To set your company apart from the competition you have to make the transition to a Total Customer Focused approach and not settle for simply reacting to customer issues and providing basic customer service."

    Tony Nazzaro
    Former VP Customer Service

    Becoming the Industry Benchmark for Customer Experience

    Read about this Total Customer Focus transformation by ASML, a $7 billion B2B High-Technology Leader.



    Archived Webinar:
    Total Customer Focus

    Tony Nazzaro, former VP Customer Service at ASML, shares how his organization moved from customer satisfaction to Total Customer Focus.



    Watch This Brief Overview Below

    More Than a Training Workshop
    A Change Management Program

    Most training workshops fail to deliver changes in skills and behavior that are sustained over the long-term. This is because the workshop is a single training event; there are no activities aimed at sustaining and supporting the participants after the workshop. Global Partners’ programs combine live workshops with virtual, web-based follow-through activities that ensure that new skills and behaviors are successfully embedded in the day-to-day thinking and activities of participants. In addition, highly realistic and memorable workshop case studies and exercises, as well as practical application tools engage participants and motivate them to start applying their new skills immediately.

    The TCF public program also provides participants with the opportunity to learn from each other about how to apply new techniques, skills and tools in different customer and company situations. This occurs during the workshop itself as well as in follow-up peer collaboration coaching webinars.



    The Embedding Process
    A 3-Phase Program

    PHASE 1
    Pre-workshop preparation activities
    1 Virtual/Online Webinar

    • Background reading on Total Customer Focus
    • TCF Self-assessment
    • Preparation assignments

    PHASE 2
    2-Day Workshop
    1 Face-to-Face Workshop

    [Download the Agenda]

    • Changing Relationships with Customers; Understanding why and how relationships are changing and how you can benefit from it
    • Making the three Key shifts in thinking and working; applying new skills and tools for each shift
      • Shift 1: Reactive to Proactive
      • Shift 2: Getting to the Real Issues
      • Shift 3: Achieving Win-Win Outcomes
    • Embedding New Skills and Behaviors; creating a strategy and action plan
      • Identifying opportunities for application
      • Overcoming personal barriers 
      • Peer coaching and collaboration

    PHASE 3
    Follow through and embedding
    3 Virtual/Online Webinars

    • Web coaching sessions with peers and Global Partners facilitators
    • Sharing best practices, challenges and success stories in applying new skills and behaviors
    • Personal case study
    • Results metrics
    Total Customer Focus ebook

    Total Customer Focus ebook

    Total Customer Focus is about transforming relationships - not just customer relationships - any relationship that matters. While this ebook primarily focuses on business applications, the Total Customer Focus tools and skills will facilitate a personal transformation in you as well. Not only is face-to-face interaction important for business, but it’s also inherent to being human. Allowing yourself to become Total Customer Focused will transform the way you interact in the most fundamental way – one person to one person.




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