Total Customer Focus

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    Total Customer Focus

    Get the win-win relationships you deserve with your customers


    The Supplier-Customer relationship is skewed. This can be due to something historical, cultural or the balance of powers. And in the B2B space, one of the most important criteria that differentiates you from the competition is the relationship your people in the field have with your customers.


    So how can you develop relationships that leave you and your customers feeling good about doing business together after each interaction?


    Total Customer Focused organizations achieve this by doing 3 things:

    1. Becoming Proactive - Taking the lead in the customer relationship and pre-empting any future problems.
    2. Getting to Real Needs - Going beyond the technical issue and dealing with the real customer problem by focusing on issues that are not easily perceived.
    3. Achieving Balanced Outcomes - Finding solutions that are agreeable and contribute to a sustainable relationship with the customer over the long term.



    Total Customer Focus Public Program

    Total Customer Focus
    Public Program

    Learn, apply and embed new behaviors in this blended learning program that will enable you to transform your relationships with customers. You will internalize Total Customer Focus tools and techniques during online coaching webinars, role plays, case studies, and a live workshop with support from your peers.

    This program is currently open to the public in the United States and Europe. If you are interested in adopting this program throughout your organization, contact Global Partners to learn about the Total Customer Focus Private Program.




    Client Success

    "Total Customer Focus (TCF) has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skillsets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner Relationships. Changing with the times requires answers. To set your company apart from the competition you have to make the transition to a Total Customer Focused approach and not settle for simply reacting to customer issues and providing basic customer service."

    Tony Nazzaro
    Former VP Customer Service

    Becoming the Industry Benchmark for Customer Experience

    Read about this Total Customer Focus transformation by ASML, a $7 billion B2B High-Technology Leader.



    Archived Webinar:
    Total Customer Focus

    Tony Nazzaro, former VP Customer Service at ASML, shares how his organization moved from customer satisfaction to Total Customer Focus.




    Total Customer Focus ebook

    Total Customer Focus is about transforming relationships - not just customer relationships - any relationship that matters. While this ebook primarily focuses on business applications, the Total Customer Focus tools and skills will facilitate a personal transformation in you as well. Not only is face-to-face interaction important for business, but it’s also inherent to being human. Allowing yourself to become Total Customer Focused will transform the way you interact in the most fundamental way – one person to one person.




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