Why You, Why Now?

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    Trusted Business Partner

    Differentiate in the field through customer relationships

    Differentiation does not take place with price, product, or brand. According to research conducted by Corporate Executive Board, the experience that customers have with your people in the field counts for more than everything else combined.
    Making your customers’ experience differentiated comes down to customers feeling that you are both playing on the same team. But, in order for this Trusted Business Partner relationship to exist, 3 conditions need to be in place:
    1. You need to secure a trusted position so that customers see that you have their successes at heart.
    2. You need to talk to customers about their key business challenges and bring something new to the discussion.
    3. You need to provide solutions that address your customers’ issues in the same way as a partner would.

    How do You become a trusted Business Partner?

    It starts with changing behaviors, cultures and enabling your people to acquire new skills through training that sticks.




    Trusted Business Partner Webinar

    What CXOs want has little direct connection to what your people are selling. What they want is help; they desperately need and want the help that your sales people and organization can provide. In this webinar you will learn how to engage executives in business dialogues that position you as a Trusted Business Partner.




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