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    ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment and a key supplier to the chip industry. ASML designs, develops, integrates and services advanced systems to produce semiconductors. In short, it makes the machines that print the chips. Their success is based on three pillars: technology leadership combined with customer and supplier intimacy, highly efficient processes and entrepreneurial people.  Website

    Tony Nazzaro"Total Customer Focus (TCF) has been uniquely designed to help companies to really embed new behaviors and skillsets within a company’s customer interfacing teams. TCF will set up the culture you need to develop long lasting Trusted Business Partner Relationships.

    Changing with the times requires answers. To set your company apart from the competition you have to make the transition to a Total Customer Focused approach and not settle for simply reacting to customer issues and providing basic customer service." View Full Testimonial

    Tony Nazzaro
    Former VP Customer Service


    • Millions of dollars in increased revenue and reduced costs.
    • Reductions in number and duration of escalations.
    • Reduction in compensation to customers because of service issues.
    • Improved productivity of field service.
    • Increased contract wins.
    • Increased adoption of new technology and equipment.


    • ASML enjoyed more than 95% market share due to its advanced technology. However, they recognized that even with such a significant lead in technology, this was not enough to safeguard their future growth as customers were increasingly resistant to spending billons of dollars to get to the next level of breakthrough technology.

    • In addition, ASML appreciated that attracting, retaining and motivating the best technical service people required the creation of a corporate culture that valued employee development, work-life balance and service excellence.

    • Therefore, their objective for this transformation was to become the industry benchmark for customer experience. This would lead not only to secure growth with customers, but also to a culture of service excellence and employee development.


    Total Customer Focus
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    • The typical tipping point for achieving culture change is about 30% of employees. Therefore, there was a strong desire to get to that 30% tipping point as quickly as possible. Achieving permanent change also requires that new skills and behaviors become embedded in employees’ thinking and ways of working every day.
    • With these critical factors in mind, Global Partners worked with ASML, starting with their Customer Service (CS) group, but eventually engaging all functions who touch the customer.
    • The order in which populations were engaged in the TCF program was key:
      1. Gaining buy-in of top management
      2. Then training in priority middle management
      3. Lastly engaging front-line field service people
    • The approach used to transform the culture and ensure long-lasting change was called ‘embedding’. It systematically combined training in new skills and behaviors, application of these new skills and behaviors in the field, and support by on-going web-based coaching.

    • The ASML CS organization was reorganized in order to better meet customers’ needs in different segments. At that point, the Total Customer Focus (TCF) transformation that developed over the previous 4 years supported the alignment required by the reorganization and accelerated the effective implementation of the new organization.


    • All along the process, Global Partners and ASML measured results with first-level key metrics, which were directly linked to participant feedback 4-5 months after the beginning of the program. These first-level key metrics included:
      - Reductions in number and duration of escalations
      - Reduction in compensation to customers because of service issues
      - Improved productivity of field service
      - Increased contract wins
      - Increased adoption of new technology and equipment

    • This was done through the creation of best practice case studies in which participants described the areas where they implemented Total Customer Focus and the results they achieved. To date, approximately 70% of participants worldwide have submitted more than 200 cases. Many of these cases describe quantifiable results in millions of dollars in increased revenue and reduced costs.

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