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    Early Insights from Global Partners Service Benchmarking Survey


    We recently set out to determine what companies are doing to leverage their service organizations by launching a research survey (you can participate here). This survey was created after speaking with more than 100 companies at conferences and in individual meetings, all of whom are in the process of transforming their service organization from a cost center into one that can be leveraged to drive key business outcomes.

    We are already getting some interesting input from people who have completed the survey. For example, when asked to describe the major challenges in leveraging service people to drive new revenue, many people point to a lack of motivation and time as major obstacles.

    Motivating people to take on new activities requires that they can clearly see the benefit to themselves of the new tasks. Although compensation is always a motivator, large bonuses or commissions are not typically required. In talking to best practice companies we were surprised to discover that relatively small bonuses were enough to provide the recognition to service people for identifying new sales opportunities. For example, one company provided Starbucks gift cards as a reward. You can learn more about compensating your service organization for sales here.

    And time, interestingly enough, is not only a major obstacle in driving revenue; in our experience working with thousands of technical service people, the one metric that will lead to significant changes in customer experience is actually the Bandwidth of their service people - (Bandwidth is the capacity of a service person that is available to provide service to the customer). Customers want to reduce contracts while simultaneously demanding more and better service. Ultimately this lands squarely on the shoulders of the service people who are under constant pressure to increase the level of service, provide a high-quality customer experience, work efficiently and maintain a reasonable work-life balance. You can learn more about maximizing Bandwidth here.

    Is your organization faced with these same challenges, or something different? Let us know by participating in the survey below.


    Take This Survey - Leveraging Service Organizations

    To learn more about what companies are doing to leverage their service organizations more effectively and the barriers they are confronting, Global Partners has launched a brief survey.

    Why take the survey? Here are 3 reasons:

    • 1. Survey participants will be the first to get the results, including benchmarks and recommendations
    • 2. Survey participants will hear results initially during a webinar in which we will invite them to share their best practices
    • 3. Additional research and benchmarking will be conducted on specific topics survey participants are interested in

    Take the survey here. Completing the survey takes less than 5 minutes.

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