Total Customer Focus eBook: Transforming Relationships that Matter

Total Customer Focus Ebook“Customer relationships are built or lost over a series of interactions that occur between people. Every interaction between a customer and supplier leaves each side with a perception of the other.”

Tony Nazzaro, former Vice President of Customer Service at ASML

Total Customer Focus is about transforming relationships - not just customer relationships - any relationship that matters. 

By improving the way you interact, you can change fundamental relationships between two people: customer and supplier, husband and wife, stepfather and teenager. Each scenario comes down to the same fundamentals: being open and transparent in discussions, getting to the real issues instead of just the ones on the surface, finding solutions to problems that work for everyone and always trying to help others succeed. That’s what Total Customer Focus is all about.

While this book primarily focuses on business applications, the Total Customer Focus tools and skills will facilitate a personal transformation in you as well. Not only is face-to-face interaction important for business, but it’s also inherent to being human. Allowing yourself to become Total Customer Focused will transform the way you interact in the most fundamental way – one person to one person.

In this 60-page ebook, you will learn:

  • How Total Customer Focus achieves organizational and individual transformation
  • The three fundamental shifts in thinking and behavior that people must go through to become Total Customer Focused
  • The business case for TCF by showing how it impacts business results in quantifiable terms
  • How to determine the right set of business outcome metrics to measure
  • A framework for enabling organizations and individuals to determine where they currently stand in terms of being Total Customer Focused
  • How to determine priorities for transforming to a TCF organization
  • TCF Toolkit: tools, approaches and examples that will enable you to make the 3 shifts to become Total Customer Focused

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