Total Customer Focus ROI Case Studies and Quantifiable Results


Despite the evidence, many organizations are skeptical about the measurable impact of training programs like Total Customer Focus. Making such a substantial change in culture, as well as establishing new skills and behaviors, requires a sizeable investment. So how can companies make the business case? How can they measure the ROI on Total Customer Focus?

This document contains a series of case studies reported by participants that have completed the Total Customer Focus (TCF) program. They have been organized into the 4 priority areas that enable a service organization to become Total Customer Focused:

  • Being Proactive
  • Getting to the Customer’s Real Issues
  • Reaching Collaborative Outcomes
  • Maintaining Customer Confidence in High Stress Situations

As you read through the individual case studies, you will understand how Total Customer Focus tools and skills directly and dramatically impact the participant, their organization and the customer.

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