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Total Customer Focus

The Supplier-Customer relationship is skewed. This can be due to something historical, cultural or the balance of powers. And in the B2B space, one of the most important criteria that differentiates you from the competition is the relationship your people in the field have with your customers.

Total Customer Focus (TCF) gets you the win-win relationships that you deserve with your customers. These TCF publications will help you to develop relationships that leave you and your customers feeling good about doing business together after each interaction.

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Value Recognition

65% of companies are not able to achieve the prices they deserve for their products and services. And in some businesses, a 1% increase in price can enable a company to double its profit margins. Getting the price you deserve requires a shift in thinking: from selling products and services to creating value for customers and getting it recognized.

Value Recognition gets you paid for the value you provide. These Value Recognition publications will help you to develop the skills and behaviors needed to stop leaving money on the table.

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Strategic Account Alignment

More than 70% of companies that put in place a strategic account management system do not achieve expected results. On the other hand, customers spend nearly 60% of their buying cycle time on their own. Successful account managers are able to enter this 60% zone by aligning internal resources around what the customer is trying to do, and showing this alignment to their customer.

Strategic Account Alignment gets you the stakeholder buy-in needed to capture more business. These publications will help you to win more business and close bigger deals.

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Training That Sticks

As you know, information is forgetten very fast. This is not really the fault of learners. It happens because we are human. However, we do know that there are proven approaches to training that can be long lasting.

Training That Sticks is a unique approach to training and people development that will help you to change behaviors, cultures and enable your people to acquire new skills. These publications will help you develop and implement training that delivers results and last a lifetime.

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Trusted Business Partner

Differentiation does not take place with price, product, or brand. The experience that customers have with your people in the field counts for more than everything else combined.

Trusted Business Partner will help you transform your relationships with customers from simply being a good supplier. These publications will help you create a differentiated customer experience by making customers feel that you are both playing on the same team.

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Total Customer Focus 10-Dimension Assessment

The Total Customer Focus (TCF) framework provides a systematic approach to transforming service organizations. Every time you interact with a customer—whether it is during the sales process, during an installation of a product, when you are trouble-shooting and problem solving, doing routine maintenance or providing service, or responding to a customer request—you have an opportunity to build on your relationship with your customer. These interactions are called touch points. And at each and every customer touch point, you have an opportunity to demonstrate TCF.

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