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Get the win-win relationships you deserve with your customers

The Supplier-Customer relationship is skewed. This can be due to something historical, cultural or the balance of powers. And in the B2B space, one of the most important criteria that differentiates you from the competition is the relationship your people in the field have with your customers.

So how can you develop relationships that leave you and your customers feeling good about doing business together after each interaction?

Total Customer Focused organizations achieve this by doing 3 things:

  1. Becoming Proactive - Taking the lead in the customer relationship and pre-empting any future problems.
  2. Getting to Real Needs - Going beyond the technical issue and dealing with the real customer problem by focusing on issues that are not easily perceived.
  3. Achieving Balanced Outcomes - Finding solutions that are agreeable and contribute to a sustainable relationship with the customer over the long term.

Schedule a meeting with a Global Partners consultant at Field Service Asia to learn how your organization can make the transformation from customer satisfaction to Total Customer Focus and to discuss what you are doing in this area.


Schedule a Meeting at Field Service ASIA 2018

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About Global Partners

Global Partners helps clients differentiate in the field by developing Trusted Business Partner relationships with their customers. This means that their customers will see them as part of the team, resulting in unrivaled customer loyalty.

Global Partners transforms organizations into Trusted Business Partners through training that is behavior changing. We don't make the criteria for training how much participants are going to learn. Instead, we make it training that will be remembered and applied – training that sticks.

Since our founding in 1990, our programs have been implemented in more than 40 countries and have been translated and adapted for multiple languages and cultures with unparalleled results.