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Frequently, global organizations have a very scattered and incomplete vision of what their customers are trying to achieve. Most critical is that this vision is spread through multiple organizations that are cross-functional, and who often compete, or at least struggle to collaborate. It’s extremely difficult to make collective sense of the all the information available from the field. It’s even more difficult to design an effective, well-aligned strategy, then roll it out successfully with constructive contributions from all the actors, services and departments concerned.

Imagine if you didn't miss key opportunities or sales targets. What if you could better serve your customer both globally and locally? What if you could align and focus on what the customer is trying to achieve?

This is what we call Strategic Account AlignmentA process that ensures you have the alignment you need to draw actionable conclusions from the information you have and define and execute the strategies that demonstrate to the customer how you are helping them reach what they and their company are trying to achieve.

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Strategic Account Alignment Demo