About Global Partners

    Global Partners is an international Training and People Development firm that focuses on helping client organizations to grow their businesses worldwide.

    We help clients differentiate in the field by developing Trusted Business Partner relationships with their customers. This means that their customers will see them as part of the team, resulting in unrivaled customer loyalty.

    Since Global Partners' founding in 1990, our programs have been implemented in more than 40 countries and have been translated and adapted for multiple languages and cultures.

    The greatest value we can offer is the know-how and diverse global experience of our team. While the Global Partners team collectively possesses a broad base of rich business experience at senior levels, each member has a particular specialty that benefits our clients in unique ways, including a more insightful perspective. The experience of our team ranges from 25 to 40 years, at blue chip multinational corporations. Most importantly, all of our professionals share the relevant experience that enables them to quickly adapt to our client’s industry, its unique culture, and the specific needs of its people.