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    6 experts explain why marketing and sales don’t get along

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    Global Partners is conducting a Free Webinar on March 12th at 12 pm EST: Aligning Marketing and Sales in B2B. This is a timely topic because:

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    of sales, marketing and channel management professionals report their companies do not have any formal programs for aligning Marketing and Sales *  

    of a company's qualified leads don't end up buying from that company but instead from a competitor within a year **  

    of companies describe their sales and marketing functions as being collaborative *


    These stats prove companies would close more deals and generate more revenue and profits if marketing and sales got along. Unfortunately, in many instances, they don't.

    Why? 6 experts explain why marketing and sales don't get along.

    1. As companies become larger and more successful, executives recognize that there is more to marketing than setting the four Ps: product, pricing, place, and promotion. They determine that effective marketing calls for people skilled in segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Once companies hire marketers with those skills, Marketing becomes an independent player. It also starts to compete with Sales for funding. - Harvard Business Review 

    Does this sound like something that's occurred at your company? 

    2. Marketing thinks selling is easy. Marketers think that they can create so much demand that selling consists of taking orders. However, many "demand creation" activities don't create all that much demand-especially in B2B, where customers generally ignore ads, brochures, and such. And, of course, anyone who's ever sold knows exactly how difficult it can be. - Geoffrey James, Inc.

    Is this a disconnect between marketing and sales where you work?

    3. Many corporate cultures don't support a meeting of the minds between sales and marketing. And without the support of upper management, any valiant attempts to close the gap will likely fizzle out. Whereas marketing often revolves around a campaign schedule that can be drawn out over months, sales is sweating to meet quota every month. - Stephanie Tilton, Savvy B2B Marketing

    Is there upper management support to align sales and marketing in your organization?

    4. If alignment initiatives are ever going to be truly effective, they must be centered on the customer's buying decision process and not just the vendor's internal sales and marketing process - and the vendor must acknowledge that some of their existing processes may have to change as a result. - Inbound Sales Network

    Do your sales and marketing departments understand the customer buying cycle?

    5. Why the split between sales and marketing? It's mostly tradition: Traditional departments operate in silos, with each performing their function but not interacting with others. On one hand, too many marketing departments believe they need to operate autonomously, without input from sales. On the other hand, too many salespeople take a "maverick" approach, and so don't give marketing credit for their role in generating leads and never communicate their needs to marketing. - Jennifer Beever, New Incite

    Are marketing and sales in communication at your company?

    6. One big reason is a reactive versus proactive mentality. Salespeople tend to be reactive. Their days often consist of answering questions, solving problems and putting out fires. Their weakness is an unwillingness to plan (or..Planning is not a strong point for Sales, while Marketers...), Marketers, on the other hand, tend to be proactive. They think in terms of plans, programs, campaigns, strategies and tactics. Salespeople who resist planning get stuck in the mud. Marketers who resist practical thinking create elegant programs that don't work. - Brad Shorr, Straight North

    Is your company's approach to selling reactive or proactive?

    Are marketing and sales at your company out of alignment? Consider attending our webinar, Aligning Marketing and Sales in B2B, on March 12th at 12 pm EST to learn how to close the gap.

    Do the explanations from these 6 experts help you? Do they speak to your pain point? Let us know.

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    Source: * Savvy B2B Marketing, ** PointClear  
    Image Credit: REL Waldman  

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